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Rapid Counting of Somatic Cells in Dairy Milk Using the Scepter™ 2.0 Cell Counter, Following Spin-Wash Sample Preparation
EMD Millipore Bioscience
Milk from sick cows exhibits increased somatic cell counts (SCC) due to the release of white blood cells into the gland to combat infection. Samples displaying SCC = 200,000 cells/mL are considered healthy, values = 300,000 cells/mL are indicative of early stages of infection (subclinical mastitis), and counts = 750,000 cells/mL denote full-blown mastitis. Given that subclinical cases present the ...
Top 50 Medical Practices
SK&A, A Cegedim Company
Statistical industry port showing the leading U.S. group medical practices, ranked by number of physicians in the practice and including headquarters, state, number of offices and average number of physicians per office. Report also includes physician office count sby size of practice.
Quality by Design: Method Development with ACD/AutoChrom MDS
Advanced Chemistry Development (ACD/Labs)
Quality by Design (QbD) was first described by Joseph M. Juran,[1] and applied with great success, particularly in the automotive industry. The underlying concept of QbD is that quality must be “designed in” to a product through the systematic implementation of a strategy to establish a complete understanding of the product and the processes used to develop and manufacture it. Control strategies ...

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Muse™ Cell Analyzer EMD Millipore Bioscience
My Data Dilemma, Webisode 2: The Disease Screeners SK&A, A Cegedim Company SK&A takes its video camera into the field to capture how healthcare companies have solved their toughest sales, marketing and research challenges by ...

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SK&A, A Cegedim Company Information
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